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  • William Falke

    One of the masters in the College of Jultane. He is one of the two Yellow masters, that is, he is a master of Divination. He has worked with Gwendolyn Mateus before, and considered her a top student, if a bit distracted at times.

  • Isaac Lithnel

    A Purple Master in Jultane's College of the Magical Arts and Wizardry. As a purple mage, he specializes in the warlock arts, including conjuration and evocation. Gwen, Ourias, and Krystal met with him and his ward, Adam; Isaac lent one of his …

  • Manfred Elbur

    The head of the library at the College of Jultane. Rarely remembers the names of students, unless they have some sort of pathological habit of borrowing books. That is, a habit that borders on the obsessive, even for wizards. Has some odd ability that …

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