Gwendolyn Mateus

Evocation Wizard


Gwendolyn was born and raised in Algrendale. She lives there with her father Daniel, a crafter of wondrous items. Gwen raised herself for the most part, since her father had never recovered from the death of her mother when she was very young, and found solace in books. With a wide array of knowledge and a penchant for reading anything to pass through her hands, she determined she would make use of her studiousness to become a wizard.

Joining the prestigious College of Jultane for Magicks And Wizardry at fifteen, she quickly decided to focus on evocation magicks. She had been leaning strongly toward divination, given her love for scrolls and reading, but the raw power from force and elemental spells brought out a new passion. Once she became a journeyman she was able to embrace the passion for adventuring and exploring her strengths through completing small missions for some of her professors. It was on one of these that Gwen met Ourias; they became good friends, sharing knowledge and, eventually, more adventures.

Gwen moved back to Algrendale once her time at the college was ended. She was still learning, and would likely be learning her whole life, but now she would do so on her own terms.

Gwendolyn Mateus

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